September News

We are so lucky to have our new volunteer, Marvin.  He came to visit us with the donation of much needed 2 tables.  Our kids were excited to meet with him! He promised to visit us often!  We can't wait to have him come see us again!!

August News

Ken is back! Ken came back to visit us for a couple days in August. The kids were excited as you can see in the photos! Ken donated some clothes and toys. Also he hosted a party with their favorite food, BBQ!! THANK YOU KEN!!!!! We hope to see you soon again!

July News

We received the kind donation from Taeko and Sachiko Miyazaki. This is the second year that we received kind donations from them. We really appreciate their support and hope they can come visit us one day. Now the children's day is approaching, we are planning to do something special for our kids with the help of their donations! ありがとうございます!

June News

We would like to express our deep appreciation to our wonderful volunteer, Alina, for all of her supports for our little non profit and sharing her love with our children. We are so lucky to have her with us! Our kids love her so much!!!

May News

THANK YOU to the UMBC residential office for tons of donation as students moved out from on-campus apartments! Now it's time to get busy with yard sales to raise funds!!

March News

Thank you Ken!!

 We had a wonderful volunteer, Ken, from Japan. Our kids loved him!!!  He played games with them, helped them with their school work, went swimming with them, and most of all really cared about them.  We really appreciate all you did, Ken.  We wish you didn't have to go... But we wish you good luck with your new adventure!  Please come back to visit us again!!!

December New (2)

Christmas Cards

Our children wrote those sweet Christmas cards, which made my Christmas very special. They are so beautiful! Thank you kids!!