About Us

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi 

On a hot Friday afternoon in 2010, our co-founder was walking down a street with his soccer ball when he saw street children playing soccer with a full trash bag. He invited the children to play with his ball and they started a pickup game.  This gathering tradition continues to this day.


First comers
We soon realized that many of the children spent most of their day on the street selling candies and earning $3-5 a day.  Many never went to school and didn't know how to read and write.  We opened our Community Center in Santa Catarina in 2014 to provide a place where kids could stop by to take a break, play, and learn basic reading, writing, and math.

これらの子ども達の多くのは学校行く機会もなく路上で3百円から5百円の収入を得るため一日物を売る仕事をしていることをしています。読み書きが出来ない子どもも多数です。子ども達が仕事の合間、立ち寄り休憩を取ると共に、基本的な読み書きを学び、遊んだり出来る場所、子どもが子どもでいられる場所を提供したいという目的で、2014年にコミュニティ センターが設けられました。

                     Meet our beautiful children at the community center!