August News

There are a LOT of wonderful things happening at our center this month!!!

We received a kind donation from Taeko Miyazaki and Sachiko Miyazaki from Japan.  With their very generous donation, we were able to purchase 6 computers for our community center and to provide a big meal for our kids to celebrate it! As we search a good computer instructor for our center, our computers will be stored, but here is the a little peek of them!

宮崎妙子さんと娘さんの宮崎佐智子さんから心暖かい寄付金を頂きました。この寄付金のおかげで本団体の子ども達のためにコンピューターを6台購入することが出来ました。 またコンピューターの到着を歓迎して子どもたちにとパーティーをしました。ありがとうございました!!!

Obviously we are not that good with taking photos...

Julie from Denmark visited us for 3 weeks to volunteer with us.  Our kids loved her!!  Our kids can be very handful sometimes, but she totally handled the center all on her own!  Please come back and visit us one day!!  Our kids miss you!!!

One of our students from our center had a serious eye infection, but her family did not have money to pay for her treatment. Lindsay and Lauren (volunteers from July news) raised funds to pay for her treatments as they went back home in the United States and sent her family money to complete her treatments.  Her eye is healing fast, and her beautiful smile is back.  Thank you for your kindness to save her smile!
Lindsay and Lauren
Luisa with smile


Oscar is one of our children who started to come to our soccer practice 7 years ago.  Back then, he was a handful 13 year old boy with full of anger.  He doesn't know his real parents.  He was found on the street and adopted by his current family.  He grew up confused and not knowing who he was.  This month he came to our practice with this beautiful young lady and told us that now he is married!  We are very happy for him!!!