June News

Participating Children's Soccer Tournament
We have been playing soccer with children who work on streets all day for 6 years now.  Many of those boys started to come when they are 7, 8 or 9 years old and now growing up to be young adults! Before they leave their childhood completely, we wanted to register them in the children's soccer tournament in Antigua. We were so proud how well they played and actually won the championship!!! ( I know this already because I am writing this blog in July.... haha..).

Welcome Lauren and Lindsay! 

We welcomed new volunteers from the States, Lauren and Lindsay. They teach English to our children and play with them.  Our kids love them and they  are really wonderful teachers!!!!!

Student of the Month

Jonathan was chosen for a student of the month!  He requested a skateboard as a gift.  So that's what he got! Good job, Jonathan! We are very proud of you!!