May News

One Year Anniversary!!

 We can't b believe that it has been a year since we opened our community center to educate children in Santa Catarina!!  We cerebrated our anniversary by taking children from Santa Catarina to Antigua for a field trip and a soccer game, Santa Catarina vs Antigua.  Our children from Antigua were excited to welcome them! It doesn't matte who wins.  What's important is that they had a GOOD time!

We traveled on the back of a truck to transport
 a lot of children at once! Stay seated, everyone!!

you can see our proud children in their uniforms,
Yellow-Antigua and Red- Santa Catarian. 
We broke 2 pinatas!  It is impossible to have a party without them!

Look at these beautiful smiles!  We thrive for those smiles!!
UMBC Donation Day & Flea Market

Miles with his big van filled with donations
Things are happening not only in Guatemala, but in the States also in the effort of supporting Let Me Shine Guatemala. The Student Residential Office of University of Maryland donated all unwanted items to LMS as students moved out of on-campus apartments

Look at the amount of donations we received!! We are so excited!!! We had our first flea market with the donations.  With this amount of donations, we are sure to have another flea market day soon! Those of you who came out to help LMS, we appreciate your time and support! THANK YOU!!!

Cory and Laurel
Miles and Laurel

Student of the Month
His name is Josue.  He is 10 years old.  We gave him a skateboard as a gift because that's what he wanted. he is a very serious and good students. We are proud of you, Josue!