April News

Mark with the children
We had a wonderful visitor at our community center. He is a missionary from the States working with children though magic. Our children really enjoyed his visit and didn't want him go!! Here is a comment from him about our project. THANK YOU, Mark!!!

“I am an illusionist and a missionary from Minnesota.  I recently had the privilege of visiting Let Me Shine Guatemala for the first time.  I was introduced to a group of happy kids with smiles on their faces and we all had a great time together.  One of the things I did was to show the kids some illusions and tricks and then show them some of the secrets of how they work.  The kids were very attentive and easy to talk to.  We met in a facility that was very small and that had very basic resources.  Let Me Shine could really use more resources to benefit these kids.  God has a dream for the future of each of those children.  Each of us can use what we have (illusions, art, teaching, or even finances) to help those dreams come true. - Mark Annand”
Beautifully decorated street

The first week of April was a big week in Guatemala.  Many streets are decorated for processions, and people carry figures of Jesus throughout a city.  We were very proud to see some of our children participating in the processions for Semana Santa. Look how they look sooooo proud!!