March News

We are getting new computers for the community center!!  We will start offering computer classes to  our kids as well as the community.  Since our community center is very small (especially with 25-30 kids coming all the time), our plan is to put the computers inside the house and construct a temporary room in our front yard for the kids to continue learning. Our first step.... paining the walls of course!


" We are here to help!!" With the help from our hard working children, the project is moving along(??).                 
”助けに来たよ” と一生懸命 手伝ってくれる子ども達に励まされて、、、(?)。
Our helping star, Jonathan!!  I have never seem him this serious! He is usually a goofball in our center.


We are very excited to receive a trampoline as a donation, which is big enough for 7-8 children to use at once!    It came from a realtor Mr. Mike Honeycutt( who lives in Maryland in the States.      


Not only donating a trampoline, but also
did he help us break it to
parts in the huge snow we got a day before. 
It was a 2 hours of pretty intensive labor!
Thank you, Mr Honeycutt!!