October News

It was a children's day on October 6th in Guatemala.  So we invited children and parents from the neighborhood as well as the children who come to our project regularly to celebrate with us.  We had about 200 people joined us, and it turned out to a big party!

十月六日は グアテマラの子どもの日でした。 プロジェクトに来る子ども達又プロジェクトの近くに住む子ども達やお父さん、お母さん方を招待してパーティーをしました。合計200人と超える人が集まり、大きなパーティーになりました。

We were happy to see how the older members of the projects were taking care of new members of the project and small children from the neighborhood at the event.  We never knew how much they have grown!!

Notice in these videos, kids are counting in English!! We have been working on numbers in English up to 100 at the project.

ビデオの中で子ども達が英語で数字を数えているのが聞こえますか? プロジェクトで英語で100までの数字の数え方を  教えたばかりだったので、英語で数える子ども達の声を聞き、教師も大満足の一日でした。

We had a soccer game in the morning,
 children from Antigua vs. children
from Santa Katarina. They had a good game!

We had 2 pinatas for those children.  They loved them!

Our volunteer donated a cake for us.  Children enjoyed
 a slice of cake and a sandwich for lunch.

I am very pround of those older children holding the sign.
 They had a long day of taking care of small ones. 
They had been a part of the project for more than 4 years.